Are Solo Ads Effective at Getting Traffic?

You have heard of solo ads and are wondering if they are effective at getting traffic to your landing pages, offers and squeeze pages. Let’s explore what solo ads can do and answer your questions along the way. Let’s start with: Are solo ads effective at getting traffic?

Solo ads can be extremely effective at getting traffic if you purchase solo ads that are targeted to your market niche. It’s also important to select reputable solo ad email providers that have quality email lists.

Let’s now look at what factors actually determine if a solo ad will be effective at sending traffic. I’ll also cover how to improve the effectiveness of solo ads.

Let’s start off with the main factors first.

Are Solo Ads Effective at Getting Traffic?

Here are the main factors that determine a solo ad’s effectiveness at sending traffic. I’ll cover more factors that affect a solo ads effectiveness further in the article. Let’s look at the most important ones first.

Your market niche will be a major factor in determining if you can find solo ads that can send large amounts of traffic.

The market niches that work best with obtaining solo ad traffic are business opportunities, make money from home, weight loss, personal development, dating, survival and forex.

The niches that are difficult to find solo ads that can send steady traffic are web design, local businesses, furniture, car sales, clothing, etc.

Large amounts of solo ad traffic can be obtained easily for market niches that you can buy ad space on Facebook and Google without difficulty.

You would find it difficult to buy ad space on most platforms for niches like weight loss, forex, business opportunities, seduction and picking up women to name a few.

These types of niches work well at getting large amounts of traffic from from solo ads.

The targeting of the solo ad list will be a major factor at how effective it is at sending traffic.

The solo ad needs to have initially built its email list in the same market niche as the landing page or squeeze page it will be sending traffic to.

For example: if your market niche is making money from home, you should only buy solo ads from sellers that built their email list or lists in that same niche.

If your market is the weight loss niche, you would not want to buy solo ads from a seller that built their email list in the dating niche. You would just not receive much traffic from the solo ad. In fact, the quality of that traffic would be exceptionally low.

So, to get large amounts of traffic from solo ads, make sure you buy from sellers that have an email list in the same niche as you.

Another factor in how effective a solo ad will be at sending valuable traffic is the quality of the solo ad email list.

Many factors control the quality of an email list. These include the age of the list, how the list has been treated and how often the list is refreshed with new subscribers.

The newer the list of subscribers the more traffic that email list will usually send. Newer email subscribers tend to click links in emails more often.

If the solo ad provider abuses his list by sending multiple solo ad emails each day, the response rate from the list will be extremely poor. Also, it’s more likely to send poor quality traffic.

The solo ad email copy that is sent to the subscribers on an email list has a lot to do with how effective the mailing will be at getting traffic. A well written email can send a lot of traffic while a poorly written one will not do well at traffic delivery.

You basically have three types of solo ad email providers. Here are the three basic types.

The first one is the solo ad provider that writes his own solo ad copy. These tend to send more traffic but are usually not highly targeted. The traffic quality is usually not the best.

The next type of solo ad provider will use your email copy as you have written it. If your email ad copy is highly targeted, it will usually get a better quality of traffic but less of it. This type of solo ad provider normally charges more per click since he has to send out the email to more subscribers than the first type of solo ad provider mentioned above.

The third type of solo ad provider will take the email copy you provide them with and modify it to produce the most traffic from his list.

This method produces the most traffic that is still fairly targeted. If at all possible, this is the type of solo ad provider you will want to work with and is the most effective at getting traffic.

Proper click tracking is extremely important to help you determine which solo ad providers send you high quality traffic and what ones don’t.

Without click tracking in place you run a high risk of getting taken to the cleaners by less than reputable solo ad sellers.

Do not fall for the solo ad providers providing the click tracking. Clicks are easy to fake. You need to provide your own trusted click tracking links.

Many new solo ad buyers don’t think they need this or don’t want to spend the money to set this up. You always hear them screaming in forums about how solo ads just don’t work.

There are many scam artists in the solo ad business but, there are also many that are extremely reputable and are effective at sending large amounts of real traffic.

Without proper click tracking you can’t determine who the reputable solo ad sellers are or which ones send you effective traffic for your needs.

Don’t skip this important step! I’ll go over how to setup click tracking a little further in this article.

Now that you know that solo ads are effective at getting traffic, let’s explore how to improve the effectiveness of solo ads so we can get the most traffic from them.

How to Improve Solo Ad Effectiveness at Getting Traffic

Let’s now look at ways to improve effectiveness of solo ads to bring in lots of traffic. Here are some things you can do when buying solo ad clicks.

Buy traffic from a reputable solo ad seller. This can be a little more difficult than you first think.

Watch the solo ad testimonial groups on Facebook. But keep in mind that testimonials can be fake. They can also be from buyers that do not use their own click tracking and don’t realize that all their traffic was from bots or get paid to click type of useless traffic.

When you find a solo ad provider that sends you quality traffic, find out how often they refresh their list. Then place repeat orders with them based on the frequency they refresh their lists.

Write your own solo ad email copy but let the solo ad seller modify it to produce the most traffic from their list. Also make sure you approve the changes. You may pay a little more for this type of traffic, but it is worth it.

Make sure your email copy caters to the freebie seeker. Most solo ad email lists were originally built on giving something free to the subscribers.

So, make sure you are also offering something free to them to get the most traffic.

Make sure the solo ad list you will be purchasing traffic from contains subscribers that are looking for what you are offering.

Don’t buy traffic from a solo ad seller that built his list on something not closely related to what you are offering.

In the next section, let’s look at using click tracking to help improve quality traffic from solo ads.

How to Use Click Tracking to Increase Solo Ad Traffic

Since click tracking is such an important factor of being successful at bringing in quality traffic to your landing pages or squeeze page, I have decided to dedicate a section of this article to using proper click tracking.

Let’s look at how to setup click tracking easily and how to use it properly. I’ll also discuss why this is so important along the way.

To properly setup and use click tracking you need to install a script on your server. The two I suggest are the following.

My Click Boss Pro – This is a full featured professional click tracking script.

Click Tracker Plus – This is an easier to use basic click tracking script. It still has all the features you need for tracking solo ad traffic.

Once you install a click tracking script you use it to create tracking links. You enter the destination URL in the script and it gives you a tracking link to give to the solo ad provider.

The solo ad provider sends all traffic to this link. When a click comes through the link, statistics are recorded about the visitor. Then it sends the visitor to your intended landing page or squeeze page.

You then use the statistics gathered by the click tracking script to analyze the traffic.

Through analysis of the statistics you can determine the quality of the traffic. These click tracking scripts can also help to detect bot traffic and block it.

After the solo ad provider has sent all of the traffic you paid for, you can compare his stats with your own to see if they delivered what you agreed to purchase.

Without the use of a click tracker you can’t determine the true value or effectiveness of the traffic you purchase.

Knowing which solo ad providers can send effective traffic that is quality traffic will help you to increase the amounts of clicks going to your landing pages and squeeze pages.

Don’t skip this important step. You will only regret it.

In the last section of this article, I’ll go over other factors that help to determine how much traffic you can get from a solo ad.

More Factors That Determine Solo Ad Effectiveness at Getting Traffic

Here is a list of other factors that determine solo ad effectiveness at bringing in quality traffic in large amounts.

  1. The actual size of the solo ad email list you are purchasing traffic from. The larger the list, the more likely you will see larger amounts of traffic.
  2. The freshness of the list is an important factor of how much traffic a solo ad email list can send. Newer subscribers tend to click on links in emails more.
  3. The targeting of the email lists niche is extremely important. You should only obtain solo ads from that are in the same niche as your target landing page or squeeze page.
  4. The time of day or night the solo ad email is sent will also have an effect on how much traffic will be sent. Emails sent when the subscribers are normally at their computers or have their phone with them produce the most traffic.
  5. If the seller is actually a broker, your results can vary widely from purchase to purchase. It’s usually better to only deal directly with an actual solo ad seller.

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