Are Solo Ads Effective at Making Sales?

I’m sure you have heard that solo ads are a very effective means to get tons of traffic to your squeeze page or landing page. But can solo ad traffic actually turn into sales?

In this article, I’ll be exploring what it takes to make sales with solo ad traffic. Let’s first answer the question, are solo ads effective at making sales?

Solo ads can be extremely effective at making sales if you get a few the following right. Buy from a reputable solo ad seller, have a good landing page, have an appropriate lead magnet, have a great email follow up sequence and be selling an appropriate product.

Let’s move on and look closer at the basics things that determine how well solo ads are effective at making sales. Later in the article I’ll give you some tips on how to increase the effectiveness of solo ads at making sales.

Let’s start with the basics.

Are Solo Ads Effective at Making Sales?

Here are the basics of what is needed to successfully make sales with traffic from solo ads.

It is extremely important to only buy solo ads from highly reputable and trusted solo ad sellers. Solo ad traffic quality can range from pure trash to extremely targeted and fresh.

A quality solo ad seller keeps their lists fresh and only sell traffic to buyers with landing pages that are highly targeted to their traffic.

A poor quality solo ad seller beats his lists to death and some even add fake bots to their lists. Lots of scammers in the solo ad business. So be careful who you buy from.

The entry point to your sales funnel is also extremely important. Your landing page or squeeze page must be very targeted to the solo ad sellers list.

It must get the visitors interest very fast and be targeted to what they were expecting to see when they clicked a link in a solo ad email.

The landing page needs to make the visitor an offer that they just can’t refuse. You can’t make a sale to someone that does not go further into your sales funnel than just the landing page.

You can always A/B split test your landing pages to see what works better for you.

Most of the time, it’s best to offer something of high perceived value to the visitor for free to entice them into joining your email list.

Keep in mind that they will form an opinion about you and what you sell from this free item. So, make it extremely valuable to them.

Your lead magnet (what you give them) is an important step at gaining a new subscribers trust. People buy from people that they know, like and trust.

One good lead magnet is a smaller version of what you are selling. Or an ebook that talks about what to do, not how to do it. Let the product you are selling give all the details of how to do something.

Once you have the visitor subscribed to your email list, you need to now let them get to know you from the email sequence you send to them.

Don’t just bombard them with sales pitches. Give them good quality information that will help them with what they signed up to your email list for.

Then, slowly and with a soft sell approach, go after the sale. Give them actionable content and mention the product you are selling. Don’t just blatantly say, go buy this now!

You can recommend things to them. Just do it like you would recommend something to a friend.

Each email in the email sequence should build on each other. Make sure your email sequence has a logical path.

This next one is a big one and very important.

The product or products you are selling should of course match what the subscriber was originally looking for.

It should also be easy to deliver through a download or membership area. Digital products do much better than physical products that need to be shipped and that the buyer has to wait to receive.

Now that you know the basics, let move on to how you can improve your sales results obtained from solo ad traffic.

Tips for Getting More Sales with Solo Ad Traffic

I’m sure you want to get as many sales as possible from solo ad traffic. Here are some tips to help you maximize the number of sales you can get.

Resource Page – Create a page on your website with a list of resources, products, etc. that would be useful to the email list subscribers. Of course, use affiliate links to any products when possible.

Now recommend this page in your welcome email you send out to new subscribers. Also include it in the PS of future emails when it seems appropriate.

You can also refer to this resource page when providing actionable content to your email list subscribers.

Unannounced Freebies – Everyone likes getting something for free. Especially when it is unexpected. Create a few eBooks that tell people how to solve a specific problem.

Then recommend a product that goes into the details on how to perform the steps to solve that problem.

This method works extremely well and helps you to build trust with your subscribers.

You can also hint at occasionally sending freebies to your email subscribers in emails you send. This helps to get your subscribers to look forward to receiving your emails.

Retargeting Pixels – Have you been looking at a product and then suddenly start seeing ads for the same product on different websites you visit? This is called retargeting.

This type of advertising helps to keep your product in front of prospective customers.

This type of advertising is available from several advertising companies. You place a small bit of code on your product pages. This records the visitor and then starts displaying your ads to them on other websites that are paid to place your ads on.

Discount Codes & Sales – One way to get someone that is sitting on the fence to go ahead and make the purchase is to offer them a discount code.

Discount codes work well when they are only good for a limited time.

Another method is to run a sale on a product. Sales usually work best around a holiday.

Small or Limited Version of a Product – If you have a high-ticket item you are selling, you could create a smaller version of the product. Then give it away or at a very low cost.

The idea would be to get the user liking the product and wanting to upgrade to the full larger product.

This works especially well with online courses and software.

Get Them to Spend Just $1 – Many people don’t trust buying something from a website that they don’t know and trust already.

One way to get them over this hurdle is to offer something of great value for just a single dollar. Most people will gamble a dollar.

Once they see that your website and you can be trusted, they feel a lot more comfortable spending larger sums of money with you.

Another way to use this method is to sell something for a dollar or two on Amazon KDP. You could write a small book that at the end upsells a larger product and publish it on Amazon.

Since Amazon is a trusted website by most, getting them to spend the first few dollars on their platform is a lot easier.

Let’s now take a look at how to increase the number of sales you can get through solo ad traffic by tracking and analyzing it properly.

Tracking Solo Ad Traffic and Sales to Improve Effectiveness

Tracking solo ad traffic and sales can help you determine what solo ad sellers are producing sales for you.

This way you can concentrate on buying traffic from solo ad sellers that have productive traffic. It will also save you money because you won’t be wasting money by buying traffic from nonproductive solo ad sellers over and over.

There are scripts that you can install on your website to track clicks and sales. The script that tracks clicks are called click trackers. The script that tracks sales and other actions like signups are called pixel trackers.

By giving a solo ad seller a click tracker link to send traffic to, you can track and analyze traffic coming from that solo ad seller. You would create a click tracker for each solo ad seller you buy traffic from.

You would then install what is called a pixel on your sales thank you page or signup thank you page. If a person lands on one of your thank you pages, information is recorded about them.

A click tracking script can then determine what solo ad seller produced the traffic that actually made a sale.

This is extremely valuable data. Knowing what solo ad sellers produce sales and what ones don’t, lets you decide who to buy traffic from and who not to.

Here are the two click tracking scripts I recommend. Take a look at both and select the one that best fits your needs and budget.

My Click Boss Pro – This is a professional click tracking script with all the bells and whistles.

Click Tracker Plus – This is an entry level click tracking script. It has the basic features you need to do both click tracking and pixel tracking.

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