Are Solo Ads Worth It?

So, you have been researching solo ads and have found all types of information about them. It appears most of the information you find is from solo ad sellers. Of course, you know this type of information is biased.

Now you are all confused and just want to know the answer to the following question. Are solo ads worth it?

Solo ads can be worth it as long as your main focus is on building your email list. Your sales funnel needs to be designed with solo ad traffic in mind. To make solo ad traffic well worth your time and money you should be selling or promoting products that can be downloaded or logged in to.

Let’s now move on and take a closer look at why solo ads can be worth it. Let’s start off by looking at what typical scenarios and conditions can make solo ads extremely profitable.

Are Solo Ads Worth It?

Solo ads can be extremely worth their cost if you take a few things into consideration. Let’s look at several scenarios where they are well worth both your time and money.

You Want to Build an Email List

Solo ads are great for building an email list. They are full of enthusiastic subscribers that are looking for information.

They are also usually full of subscribers looking for free stuff and the big red magic button.

If you nurture the new subscribers you get to your email list from solo ads, you can profit greatly from these subscribers.

You Are Selling a Product That Is Downloaded or Is an Online Membership

Solo ad subscribers are in “gobble up all the information they can” mode. Take advantage of this impatience.

Solo ads can be well worth pursuing if you are selling products that can be accessed within seconds after purchase.

Ebooks, videos and courses that can be downloaded when purchased work extremely well with solo ad traffic. So do online memberships that can be accessed immediately after purchase.

Make sure you are offering both types of products in your email follow up sequence.

Solo Ads Are Available for Your Niche

Solo ads are not readily available for all niches. If you are in one of the following niches, solo ads are widely available.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Opportunities
  • Make Money Online
  • Work from Home
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness
  • Hemp/CBD
  • Crypto Currencies

Solo ads are available in other niches, but they are sometimes very difficult to find. If you can’t find solo ads in your niche, you may be able to contact blogs that have email lists in your niche and offer to buy ad space in the emails they send out.

You Buy from a Reputable Solo Ad Seller

If you buy solo ads from a reputable seller you stand a much better chance that solo ads will be worth it to you.

The solo ad industry has an extreme amount of fraud in it. But don’t let that scare you off. There are highly reputable solo ad sellers you can purchase from.

When looking for solo ads, always do your homework. Check each and every candidate out thoroughly before spending money on a solo ad purchase.

You Design Your Sales Funnel to Work Well with Solo Ad Traffic

Most solo ad subscribers are looking for free stuff or big red easy buttons to solve their problems. Keep this in mind when designing your sales funnel.

You want to make sure you offer them something for free that has a high perceived value.

Once they are on your email list, you need to win their trust and get them to like you. This can be done by giving them a lot of valuable actionable content.

Once they like and trust you, it’s time to move on to making recommendations to them. Of course, these recommendations are products you sell or are an affiliate for.

You basically want to use a soft sell approach with solo ad subscribers. They get hit with a lot of hard sell in your face sales tactics. They get numb to the hard sell and ignore them or start reporting your emails as spam.

Take your time and treat your new subscribers the way you would want to be treated. It will pay off big time in the long run.

Now that we have covered why solo ads are worth it, let’s move on to how we can target solo ads, so they work even better.

Targeting Solo Ads so They Work Well

There are many things you can do to help target solo ad traffic, so your response rate is higher. Let’s cover some methods you can easily implement.

Let’s start with methods that will help to increase your email list opt-in rate.

In order to make more sales and have more sales opportunities you need to build your targeted email list on a constant basis. You need to replenish subscribers as the older ones become less responsive or opt-out of your email list.

One way to is to increase the number of subscribers that you get from the same amount of solo ad traffic. Here are some techniques you can use to accomplish this.

Make sure you are giving something away for free to entice people to join your email list.

Make sure the item you are giving away can be downloaded or accessed immediately after they opt-in.

This freebie should be something that is highly targeted to the solo ad traffic being sent and to the purpose of the email list they will be joining.

Make sure the solo ads you purchase are in the exact same niche as the freebie being offered.

Contact the solo ad seller and ask to see what the subscribers received for joining their email list. Make sure this item is targeted to the purpose of your email list.

If possible, join the solo ad sellers email list. This way you can see exactly how they are treated. If they are constantly slammed with offers and high-pressure sales tactics, stay away from buying from this solo ad seller.

If they treat their subscribers with respect and deliver what they originally promised, the subscribers will be much more responsive to your emails.

Let’s now take a look at some tips you can use to make buying solo ads a lot more worth it.

Tips You Can Use to Make Solo Ads Worth It

Here are some tips you can use to make solo ads worth it. These tips will help you to better your bottom line when using solo ads to send traffic to your landing pages or squeeze pages.

Make your squeeze page easy and fast to read. Get to the point quickly. A solo ad subscriber usually has a very short attention span.

Always use a PS and possibly a PPS in each email you send out to your email list subscribers. Use these areas for letting the readers know about some special, additional freebie, or a resource.

Trade clicks with other solo ad buyers. These clicks can come from thank you pages. Just add links to more free offers on the landing page a new subscriber sees that thanks them for subscribing. When doing this, just make sure everyone you will be trading clicks with are in the same niche as the list you are building.

If you don’t like trading clicks with competitors, look for solo ad buyers that are promoting complementary products to your product. Personally, I have never had a problem just trading clicks with direct competitors. You and they usually promote differently. Some subscribers will prefer your way and others will prefer their way.

Add instructions on how to white-list your email address on your thank you for subscribing page. If the new subscriber white-lists your email address they will have a better chance at seeing your future emails.

Don’t buy from the same solo ad seller again for a week or so. Let their list renew with fresh subscribers first. Some replenish their lists with new subscribers frequently while others never do. Find out how often they add new subscribers.

Keep track of the solo ad industry and learn what new things are happening. Also keep track of new solo ad sellers to determine if they will be worth buying from in the future.

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