Converting Freebie Seekers In To Buyers

Freebie Seekers

If you have a freebie seeker email list you should do all you can to get them to become buyers. This task is actually easier than most think it is. The key is to take baby steps to get them to become buyers.

Let’s discuss several methods you can use to do this. But first I’ll let you in on the “big secret.” Yes that was sarcasm.

Are you ready? Here it is. The BIG secret!

Get your freebie seekers to spend just one dollar. Yes, that is the big secret. Once they spend a dollar they are now a buyer and will be much easier to sell higher priced items to.

OK, now that you know the big secret, let’s figure out how to get them to pull out a credit card or login to their PayPal account and let go of a measly dollar.

Well maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself. I bet you would like to know where to find something to sell the freebie seekers that will be so irresistible that they will let go of a whole dollar bill they are not so willing to spend.

The first thing that comes to mind is buy and re-write a quality PLR product. Note that I said quality PLR. Expect to pay a little for it.

Another idea is to create your own product. It does not have to be a huge product. It just needs to contain enough value that selling it for one dollar is a no brainer.

Here is a way you can create the product easily. Buy several related PLR packages and combine them into one packaged product. If you go this route you will do best with new PLR that has just come on the market.

Now let’s move on to how to convert those pesky freebie seekers into buyers.

One method that comes to mind is the good old fashioned one time offer. Once they opt-in to your email list, send them to a $1 one time offer that is matched to what they just subscribed for.

Have a higher price product in your sales funnel? Why not add a $1 downsell product if they do not purchase the higher price product?

If you can create a smaller or introductory version of the main product, that could work well as a downsell.

If they don’t buy the main product or the downsell, make sure you have an email in your autoresponder series that gives them a one last chance to buy the downsell for the one dollar price tag.

If you take the time to put together several products you can sell for one dollar, add a few emails to your autoresponder series offering each of these $1 products to your freebie seekers.

Mention that these offers are only available to subscribers and only available for a limited time.

If you do have a high dollar product, you could offer it to your freebie seekers for $1. I can hear you now. I’m not giving them my $100 product for one dollar!

What’s the value of a buyers list to you? Won’t you make more from a buyer in the long run than a freebie seeker? Consider it an investment or advertising costs.

Give them a discount code that they have to enter to get the deep discount. This makes the freebie seeker feel they are getting an even better deal that they can’t pass up.

This one may be a little more difficult to pull off. But, if you can find an affiliate product that is selling for a $1 trial, pitch it to your freebie seeker list.

Put together a group of additional products you can give as a bonus if they buy using your affiliate link.

Tell them they need to email you a copy of their purchase receipt. When you get that from them, send them the bonuses and manually move them from your freebie list to your buyers list.

Now I know some of you will not like my recommendation I am about to make. But really think it through before you pass it off as crazy talk.

I highly recommend that you ONLY promote $1 products to your freebie list. Do not promote any higher dollar affiliate products. You want to get the freebie seekers to take the bait and make a purchase. Then you can move them to your buyers list and promote higher dollar products to them.

You have a much better chance of converting a freebie seeker to a buyer doing this. It’s also a lot more profitable in the long run for you.

Experiment with the different methods I explained above and see if one of them works for you. Also think up additional ways to get that freebie seeker to pull out his or her wallet and spend a single dollar bill.

Also, don’t forget to move each new buyer from your freebie list to your buyers list. You don’t want to keep hitting them with $1 offers after they buy one.

Now start promoting higher dollar items to your new buyers list and start making bank.

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