Do Solo Ads Really Work? Are They Right for You?

You hear people talking about solo ads, both good and bad. You can’t decide if they really do work and if they could work for you. So you start searching the web for the answers only to get even more confused.

I’ll be going over the answers to these questions in this article. Don’t worry, I’ll get straight to the point and answer the following question first. Do solo ads really work?

Solo ads do work extremely well for particular niches. When obtaining solo ads you need to work with reputable solo ad vendors that have email lists in the niche you will be promoting. Other factors that determine how well a solo ad works include your landing page and email follow up series.

Let’s look at why solo ads can really work in more detail. Let’s explore what can make solo ads work and what you need to keep in mind when planning the purchase of solo ads.

Do Solo Ads Really Work? Are They Right for You?

Let’s answer that question in a little more detail. Here are several things to look at to help determine if solo ads will really work and if they are right for your business.

I’ll go over some of these in a lot more detail further along in this article.

Does your niche work well for solo ads? If your niche normally does well with downloadable products like: ebooks, videos, graphics and audios it should do well with solo ads.

If your niche does well with selling online courses, it should have good success with solo ads. Niches that support private communities and forums also do well with solo ads.

If your product or service can be delivered through the Internet without the need to physically mail a product, solo ads could work well for your business.

I can’t say this enough. For solo ads to really work you must buy them from a reputable seller. There are many fraudulent sellers and low quality sellers with fake reviews. So never believe the reviews of a solo ad seller.

You must take the time to talk to other people that have had success with solo ads and see who they purchased from. You will slowly build a list of reputable sellers that you can buy from again and again.

Also check for people in Facebook Groups that have had trouble with solo ad sellers. If you see a pattern, add the solo ad seller to your do not buy from list.

In order for a solo ad to really work well for you, your landing page or squeeze page must be targeted and quick to read. You will find that solo ad subscribers have very short attention spans. Get to the point and get them on your email list. Then start the sales process.

Your landing page must also have a very good reason for the visitor to join your email list. Offering them a targeted freebie usually works well. People don’t easily give out their email address anymore. Offer something they can’t refuse.

You must also have a good email follow up sequence that is targeted at making the sale. Most sales made from solo ads happen because of a proper and quality email follow up sequence.

For solo ads to work well, plan out your email follow up sequence very carefully. Make the subscribers want to read every email you send to them. Make them want to get your next email. This is where you build up trust and get your new subscribers to like you and want to buy from you.

Another point you need to consider while determining if solo ads are right for you is your profit margin. You need to analyze how many clicks you need to purchase on average to make a sale.

You then need to calculate how much the sale cost you to obtain and subtract that from the amount you make from a sale. This will help you to determine how much you can pay for a click.

If your profit margin is high enough, you can easily scale sales by purchasing more and more traffic from reputable solo ad sellers.

Where Do You Find Solo Ads That Work?

Finding solo ads that work is not a difficult task. It’s just a tedious one when you first start out. Once you build your list of reputable sellers, it gets a lot easier. Let’s explore where to find reputable solo ad sellers that will work for you.

The first place you should look is in the solo ad Facebook groups. Facebook has a ton of groups dedicated to solo ads. You can find groups where sellers post what they have for sale as well as testimonial and complaint groups. These are a gold mine for finding reputable sellers.

But, be very careful. They are also full of scammers and very low quality solo ad sellers. So, take your time when researching who to buy solo ads from. Keep two lists, possible sellers to buy from and sellers to never buy from.

Another great place to find solo ad sellers are the business and MMO forums. Many have dedicated areas just for discussing solo ads. Look for the more well known posters and watch who they buy from and especially who they do not buy from.

Make friends with other marketers while visiting the Facebook groups and other community forums. Then discuss who they buy from in private.

Now let’s talk a little about who not to buy solo ads from. Believe me, your list of who not to buy from is going to be a lot longer than your reputable solo ad sellers list.

As you start becoming active in the Facebook groups and on other forums, you will start getting a lot of private messages from solo ad sellers trying to offer you great deals. Ignore them! Almost all are either scammers or brokers.

Also, don’t post in a Facebook group or forum that you are looking to buy solo ads. The scammers and solo ad brokers will come out of the woodwork. Reputable solo ad sellers don’t have to chase people to make sales. They usually have a waiting list of buyers.

OK, I mentioned solo ad brokers. I better explain why I don’t recommend buying solo ads from them. A broker buys clicks from multiple sellers. So, the quality of the traffic ranges from pure garbage to some quality clicks. You could get very good traffic from a broker one day and then poor quality the next.

Do yourself a favor. Just stick to buying directly from reputable solo ad sellers.

What Products Do Solo Ads Really Work For?

Solo ads work great for some products and services but not for others. Let’s look at what types of products and services really work well for solo ad traffic.

If the product can be downloaded or logged into, solo ads usually work very well. Solo ads don’t usually work well for products that have to be shipped or the person has to come into a specific location or store to pickup the product.

Here are several types of products and services that work well with solo ad traffic.

eBooks – eBooks of all types work well with solo ads. The ones that work the best are make money online types.

Online Courses – Courses that people can take online work extremely well with solo ad traffic. These can even be sold with a monthly recurring membership fee.

Videos – How to videos can be sold either as a download or behind a passworded area of a website.

Email Delivered Courses – Courses delivered through an email series can work well.

Software & Scripts – Software and website scripts can be sold via solo ad traffic. Since these are usually higher priced, a good email follow up sequence works well to close the sale.

Online Services – Just about any service that is delivered online can work with solo ad traffic. Usually the services that can be sold are support services to another downloaded product.

Online Memberships – Memberships for blog content, forums, communities, think tanks, etc. work well also.

This list is just to give you some ideas. Just about anything that is downloaded or accessed through a membership can be sold or even given as a lead magnet to solo ad subscribers.

So yes, solo ads really work and could be right for you.

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