Do Solo Ads Still Work?

Solo ads have been around for a long time. You always see on the forums people claiming they work great while others are claiming they are nothing but a scam and don’t work at all. So, who do you believe?

Let’s explore the solo ad business a bit and actually answer the question, do solo ads still work?

Even with all the fraud in the solo ad business, they still work as long as you do your due diligence. Only buy from a reputable seller that has email lists in your niche. Also make sure your sales funnel is well planned out. Solo ads work best for building your email list.

Let’s look a little deeper into why solo ads still work and when they don’t.

Do Solo Ads Still Work?

We have already answered the question “Do solo ads still work?” Let’s now look at exactly why they still work in more detail. Solo ads still work if:

You Buy from A reputable Solo Ad Seller

For a solo ad to work you need to make sure you are purchasing traffic from a reputable solo ad seller. The solo ad business is full of scam artists out to rip you off. But luckily there are high quality solo ad sellers in the business.

Just take your time to really research each seller before you buy any traffic from them. Build your own list over time of reputable solo ad sellers. This list will be extremely valuable to you.

You Buy Targeted Solo Ads

One important factor to do with solo ad performance is that you need to make sure you only buy solo ads from sellers with lists in the same niche you are wanting to send traffic to.

If the landing page you want to send solo ad traffic to is about fitness, make sure you buy only solo ads from sellers in the fitness niche.

You don’t want to buy traffic from a solo ad seller in the make money online niche and send it to your fitness page. It just won’t work out very well.

So, match your traffic buys to your niche.

You Concentrate on Building an Email List

For a solo ad to work extremely well you need to concentrate on using them to build your email list. Most subscribers on solo ad email lists are looking for the big red magic button and free stuff.

You need to get them on your email list and start helping them to actually achieve their goals and desires. You need to get them to know, like and trust you. Once they are on your email list, you can start forming a relationship with them.

After they get to know you, like you and trust you, it’s then time to start moving them towards product purchases that make you money.

Your Product Can Be Delivered as A Download

Your product you are selling should be available after purchase for download. Solo ad subscribers usually want instant gratification and want something as soon as they purchase it.

It’s extremely difficult to sell things like furniture, clothes, physical DVDs etc. Through solo ads.

So, make sure your product can be downloaded instantly when purchased to up your odds at a successful solo ad purchase campaign.

Or Your Product Can Be Logged Into

Memberships, exclusive access deals and just about anything that the buyer can login to also work well with solo ad traffic.

So, besides downloads, subscriptions with online access also work great with solo ad traffic.

You Have A Well Planned Out Sales Funnel

Before you even purchase your first solo ad, you need to make sure your sales funnel is well planned out. This is key to getting good sales on the backend.

You need a good squeeze page to send the traffic to. It needs to concentrate on getting people to sign up to your email list. You can usually use a quality freebie to entice them to join.

Your email sequence also needs to be spot on. It needs to build trust and get the subscribers to like you and trust you.

You need to plan out when and how to actually market to your new subscribers without alienating them.

You Use A Soft Sell Approach

When it does come time to market to your new email list subscribers, you need to take a soft sell approach. You don’t want to come off sounding like a used car salesman that will do just about anything to get the sale. I know, not all used car salesman are like this. I’m just using the old stereotype to make a point.

Don’t try to just sell to your list. Give them what they signed up for. Then work in product recommendations. Give them more actionable content than sales pitches.

Once the subscribers on your list get to know you and like you, trust starts building. Then they start taking the product recommendations you make seriously.

Let’s now move on and explore and answer the question, when do solo ads work?

When Do Solo Ads Work?

If you have read this far, you have a good idea that solo ads still work. Let’s look at more reasons solo ads still work well for many buyers.

An email sequence that delivers high quality actionable content helps to improve how well solo ad traffic converts. Give the new subscribers free content that they can take action on without needing to spend money.

Inject product recommendations using a soft sell approach into your email sequence. Once you gain the trust of your subscribers you can on occasion send an email promoting a new product using straight sales tactics.

Solo ads can only work if you have a functional sales funnel. I have seen so many web pages and emails where the links don’t work. Or an upsell funnel goes to a 404 page.

Make sure you test your sales funnel completely. Check every link on every page and in every email. A fully tested sales funnel that works helps greatly with solo ad traffic. Or any traffic for that matter.

When the niche of the solo ad email list matches the niche of your landing page and sales funnel, solo ad traffic works a lot better. Make sure you are buying solo ads that the email list is the same as your target market.

Traffic from English speaking countries converts into eventual sales better. Make sure that the majority of traffic coming from a solo ad is from T1 countries. The T1 countries are USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

When purchasing solo ad traffic, look for solo ad sellers that can guarantee that they will send you at least 90% T1 traffic.

It’s extremely important to track the traffic you receive from different solo ad sellers. Most new solo ad buyers skip this very important step and then can’t figure out why solo ad traffic is not converting for them.

You need to be able to analyze traffic received to help determine the quality of that traffic. You need to know which solo ad sellers send you quality traffic and what ones do not.

To do this, you need a click tracker script. The two I recommend are the following.

My Click Boss Pro

Click Tracker Plus

Either will work well and give you the stats you need to build your list of quality solo ad sellers you can buy from over and over.

Let’s now move on and explore and answer the question, when do solo ads not work?

When Do Solo Ads Not Work?

Let’s take a close look at what can cause solo ads to not work well or possibly at all. Here are several reasons that a solo ad campaign can flop and lose money.

Have you ever gone to a website and wanted to join its email list? Or have you ever wanted to download a free eBook that required you to join a list? Have you ever tried to do either of these and the submission opt-in form did not work?

If your opt-in form does not work, you can’t build your email list. All you accomplish is losing money from purchasing solo ads that don’t do you any good.

I have clicked on links in emails that promised me something I was very interested in. When I arrived at the landing page or squeeze page it showed me something completely different or never even mentions the offer I was coming to see.

This type of landing page or squeeze page does extremely poorly with solo ad traffic.

Buying traffic from a solo ad scammer will just lose you money. Many solo ad sellers send fraudulent traffic or bots. Do your homework and investigate each prospective solo ad seller you intend to do business with.

Another type of solo ad seller that plagues the solo ad business are the ones that send poor quality traffic. They send paid to click and forced traffic. These types of traffic may be real but are of extremely poor quality.

Again, do your homework and investigate each seller before making a purchase. Using a click tracker script like the ones mentioned before will help you to expose these poor quality sellers.

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