Finding the Best Solo Ad Sellers

Solo ads are a great way to get traffic to your website or squeeze page. They are also great for building your email list fast. You can get traffic extremely fast and sometimes within hours.

But… Did you see that coming?

The solo ad industry is rampant with fraud and other problems. This is why you see so many people claiming that solo ads don’t work and are a waste of money.

Many sellers in the solo ad market get their traffic from very poor quality sites. For example, paid to click sites.

Some solo ad sellers even sell you fake traffic. They use a bot network to send you the clicks you purchased. Some high end bots even have the capability to opt-in to your mailing list.

Groups of people in third world countries are paid pennies to opt-in to your list. This may be real traffic and real people, but the traffic is not worth anything.

Fraudulent solo ad sellers even go as far as posting fake testimonials that say how good their traffic is.

The problem even gets worse…

Good solo ad sellers can go bad. You may have found a great solo ad seller and then months later his traffic starts to suck. Some good sellers find the easy money selling fake or poor traffic and turn to the dark side.

Good sellers can send bad traffic and not even know it. They could be buying clicks or trading clicks with someone that is sending low quality or fraudulent traffic to them. They in turn send this traffic to others and may not catch the problem right away.

The million-dollar question is; how do you find a good solo ad seller that is sending high quality traffic?

Let’s look at what you can do to locate good quality solo ad sellers.

The first step is to head on over to Facebook and start joining all of the solo ad seller groups you can find. Explore these groups and start building a list of solo ad sellers that “seem” to be selling quality clicks. “Seem” is the keyword here.

Now start looking for solo ad testimonial groups on Facebook and join these.

You will want to take the list of sellers you have gathered and look for testimonials and comments about each. Start tossing out the ones you can find any feedback on or ones that are getting bad testimonials.

You will want to look for testimonials from people you know. If you find one, contact them and ask if they did in fact write the testimonial.

Now that you have eliminated most of them, take the remaining solo ad sellers and visit their Facebook page. Do they have a real Facebook page or are they only using Facebook to sell? Does the profile look real or fake?

Next, post questions in some of the groups and see if anyone has any experience dealing with particular solo ad sellers.

Now take your list of solo ad sellers and head over to your favorite search engine. Do a search on their names. Do you see any comments or warnings about them? Do you see good things about them? Do they seem real? Does nothing come up when searching on their name? No results usually means stay away from them.

Using due diligence, you can find quality solo ad sellers. Not all of them are bad.

After narrowing down your list of solo ad sellers, you will want to make a test purchase from each. Never buy large amounts of clicks at one time from sellers you don’t have a track record with.

After a seller sends you clicks, you will want to look over the results closely. Do the opt-in emails seem real? Do the IP addresses come back to ISP’s and not hosting companies? Is the opt-ins actually downloading any lead magnet you are offering?

If everything looks good, then buy additional clicks from them.

Now don’t forget that a good seller can go bad or accidentally send bad traffic. So, keep monitoring your results on all clicks you purchase.

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