Getting the Most from a Single Click

Targeted clicks are extremely valuable. They are basically the currency of the Internet. Without clicks, nothing really happens.

Buying clicks costs money and quality clicks are not cheap. But, with paid clicks you can drive all the traffic to your offer or website that you can afford.

Free clicks cost time. Usually a lot of time. What is your time worth?

To make the most profit you need to get the most value from every single click you receive. You need to take advantage of every single click. Don’t waste them.

Let’s take a look at how you can get more value from each click.

Methods you Can Use to Get More Out of Each Click

Where to Send Clicks

Let’s first take a look at where you can send clicks once you are through with them and they have already landed and possibly performed their initial intention. For example, they landed on your squeeze page. Now what do you do with that click to make it more valuable?

We will talk about how to send the clicks a little later.

Squeeze Pages

Do you have additional squeeze pages? If so, you can send the click to one of them also. Maybe a slightly different offer may turn them into a subscriber.


Do you have other offers that may interest the click? Send them to related offers when possible.

PPC Programs

Send the click on to a PPC program and earn a little extra from the click.

PPL or PPA Programs

Belong to a PPL or PPA program that is related to your initial offer or squeeze page? After you are through with the click, send it on to a PPL or PPA program.

Affiliate Programs

Join affiliate programs that have products that fit well with the niche of the click. Once you are through with them, pass them on through your affiliate link to make more money.

Click Banking Partners

Why not use click banking partners to trade the click for a new click? This is a great way to get more value from clicks. Using this method gets more eyes on your squeeze page and offers.

Sell Funnel Clicks

After you are done with a click you can always sell it to another marketer. Send the clicks from the end of your sales or funnel.

Sell Clicks

If you have a source of traffic, you can sell clicks to others after you are through with the visitor.

Retargeting Pixels

Sometimes a person needs to see your offer multiple times before they subscribe or purchase. Use retargeting pixels to keep your offer in their line of site for an extended period of time.

Where and How to Send Clicks

Let’s now explore where you can send clicks from and how you can send them.

Squeeze Page Exit Pop

You can use an exit pop that sends a click when they go to leave the page to another squeeze page, PPL program, or even a PPC program if they allow exit traffic.

Welcome Emails

You can add additional links in your welcome emails that the reader can click.

Welcome Page Links

Why not add additional links on your welcome page? You can get more out of each click if you do.

Thank You Page Links

Add some links to your thank you page that the reader can click. Add affiliate links, click banking links, PPC program links, etc.

Download Email Links

Do you send a download email? If you do, add some additional links to it to get more value out of the original click.

Download Page Links

If you use a download page, add some links to it that will benefit the reader and you.

Bonus Links

Add bonus links anywhere you can that lead to other offers, click bankers, PPC etc.

Unannounced Freebie Bonuses

Unannounced freebie links work great to get more value from the original click. Use them as often as you can. They work great on thank you pages, download pages and welcome pages.

So we have gone over that you can send clicks to squeeze pages, other offers, PPC programs, PPL and PPA programs, affiliate programs and click banking partners. We have also talked about selling clicks.

We went over that you could send these clicks through exit pops, links in welcome emails, links on welcome pages, links on thank you pages, links in download emails and links on download pages. I’m sure you can think of many more places you can send clicks from.

Take what you learned here and use multiple techniques to get the most out of each click you receive. Your wallet and list size will thank you.

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