Best Click Trackers for Buying & Selling Solo Ads

The click tracker is the heart of solo ad traffic for both the buyer and seller. You have to be able to track clicks being sent and received with accuracy. The statistics a click tracker produces must also be easy to read and understand.

Buying or selling solo ads without the use of a proper click tracker is a recipe for disaster. Just don’t do it.

When I first entered the solo ad business, their were only a few scripts available to track clicks. They were very crude, difficult to use and just not the best for tracking solo ad traffic.

Since I am a software developer I decided to write my own click tracker script. Lot’s of fellow solo ad sellers saw what I was doing and wanted me to make it available for others to use.

So, I was eventually persuaded to package the script up and sell it.

The first script I created was a basic click tracker and click rotator. It was called My Click Boss and it was a big hit. Over the years it became a full featured click tracker and rotator with all types of advanced features. It was then renamed My Click Boss Pro.

You can click the following link and check it out.

My Click Boss Pro

My Click Boss Pro became extremely popular with major solo ad sellers. The one problem with it was the learning curve. It is such and advanced script, it can be difficult to learn all its features.

I then went back to the programming dungeon and started working on a new script that was more beginner friendly. I wanted it to be intuitive to use. It needed to have just the features someone new to buying or selling solo ads need.

I then released this new script named Click Tracker Plus. You can take a look at it by clicking the following link.

Click Tracker Plus

Both script are excellent choices for tracking and managing solo ad traffic. Just select the one that fits your needs the best.