Best Email Autoresponders for Buying & Selling Solo Ads

Without an email autoresponder, it would be extremely difficult to buy and sell solo ads. Since the main point of solo ads is building an email list. You need one that will send out broadcast emails as well as email autoresponder series.

An email autoresponder must also be easy to create an email squeeze page for. It should also be easy to create email opt-in boxes that can be placed on your website pages.

Here are the email autoresponders I feel are the best. Two are services and one is a self hosted email autoresponder you install on your website server. I’ll also tell you what email autoresponder I personally use.

Aweber – Aweber is a popular email autoresponder service. Aweber is easy to integrate into your website pages. It also has a good landing page creator.

GetReponse – GetResponse is another popular email autoresponder service. GetResponse has a very nice landing page creator. It also has many advanced features available.

Sendy – Sendy is a self hosted email autoresponder script you install on your own website server. It uses Amazon SES as the email transport. It can also use SMTP services even though it is not really designed to use them.

Now for the verdict. Like I promised, here is the email autoresponder I use. Well, I actually use two email autoresponders. Here are the ones I use when I buy and sell solo ads.

GetReponse – I went with GetReponse for two main reasons. The first being they are a little more solo ad friendly as long as you are not abusing your email lists and get some spam complaints. The second reason is that they are a little cheaper than Aweber. I always like to save money.

Sendy – I also went with Sendy since having my own email autoresponder gave me more control and knew if Amazon SES dropped me, I could quickly configure Sendy to use an SMTP service to get me back up and running fast.

The cost to send emails using Sendy and Amazon SES is extremely low. Much lower than the other two email autoresponder options.

I use Digital Ocean to host my Sendy script. It has worked well and is extremely low cost. It does take a little work to get things set up, but well worth it.

So there you have it. My personal picks for best email autoresponders for buying and selling solo ads.