Solo Ads List Building: Top 12 Ways to Build Your Lists

There are many ways to perform solo ads list building. In this article I’ll be covering the top 12 ways to build your lists. Let’s start off with listing the top 12 email list building techniques. Then we will move on to cover each one in detail.

Here are the solo ads list building techniques.

  1. Purchase Solo Ads
  2. Buy Funnel Clicks From Other Solo Ad Sellers
  3. Solo Ad Trades
  4. Click Banking
  5. Thank You Page Link or Click Trades
  6. Blogging
  7. Article Publishing
  8. Amazon Kindle eBooks
  9. Forum Signatures
  10. Offer a 100% Commission Affiliate Program
  11. Offer Free Private Label Rights
  12. Offer Free Master Resale Rights

Now that you know the top 12 ways to build your solo ads lists. Let’s now go into more detail on each of these top methods.

Purchase Solo Ads

One of the fastest ways to build a solo ad email list is to purchase solo ads from other sellers. Just make sure you only purchase solo ads that are in the same niche you are building an email list in.

You will want to setup a squeeze page offering a freebie that has perceived high value. Of course, they have to opt-in to your email list to get it. This freebie should be similar to or complementary to what the solo ad seller offered to his subscribers.

In the bullet points on the squeeze page, don’t forget to mention that you will be sending them emails with links to other freebies that they will be interested in. Or something along those lines. The main thing is to make sure your new list subscribers know they will be receiving frequent emails from you.

Purchasing solo ads from other sellers is a great way to get a new email list started. You can use this method to get the initial subscribers that you will need to use some of the free list building methods I will be discussing.

Let’s now take a look at another method where you can purchase clicks quickly. The next method I will be covering is buying funnel clicks.

Buy Funnel Clicks From Other Solo Ad Sellers

This method can work well for building an initial solo ad email list. But you do need to be careful when buying funnel clicks. The traffic quality will depend on the method the solo ad seller uses to send you the clicks.

Let me quickly explain what funnel clicks are. A solo ad seller uses an opt-in funnel when adding new subscribers to his email list. The funnel usually consists of a squeeze page and a thank you page.

A solo ad seller can send you funnel clicks using several different techniques.

  1. From a link on the thank you page that a new subscriber sees after opting into their email list. These links are usually text links or banner links offering additional freebies to the new subscriber.
  2. The solo ad seller can redirect new subscribers to your link instead of a thank you page. Basically, when a new subscriber joins an email list they don’t see a confirmation page. Instead, they see your squeeze page.
  3. If a surfer lands on the solo ad sellers squeeze page and goes to leave without filling out the opt-in form, using code they can be auto redirected to your squeeze page. This method produces fairly low-quality clicks.

Now that we have explored paid methods, let’s take a look at some free methods you can use to build your solo ad email lists. Let’s start with solo ad trades.

Solo Ad Trades

If you are just starting out and have a small solo ad email list, this is an excellent method to use to build your email list larger. Solo ad trades also work for any size list.

What you want to do is trade solo ads with other solo ad sellers that have approximately the same size list that you do. You send out a solo ad for them and they send out a solo ad for you.

As your email list gets larger, you trade with solo ad sellers that have larger lists.

This method can also be used to send emails to your list when you have none scheduled. This way your email subscribers don’t have a large time interval between emails they received.

When sending out emails to your solo ad email lists, you want to be consistent. Use solo ad trades to fill in any gaps.

Once you have an email list that can send a minimum of 50 clicks, you can move on to the next method we will talk about. This method is called click banking.

Click Banking

Let me start with explaining what click banking is in reference to solo ads.

Click banking is where you agree to send another solo ad seller at set number of clicks. Then the solo ad seller you sent the clicks to sends you the same number of clicks back. This back and forth sending can be done multiple times with the same solo ad seller.

The clicks can be sent from solo ads or by funnel clicks. You need to make it very clear with the other party how clicks will be sent before making the click banking deal.

You should also agree on how much time each of you have to send the other all of the agreed number of clicks.

If you are using a click rotator, it’s easy to add your click banking partners to it. Then just set the number of clicks to send them.

The reason that you don’t send clicks at the same time to your click banking partner is that you don’t want to be sending a click they sent you back to them.

Click banking is a great way to replenish your email lists. You can have several click banking partners that you trade clicks with on an ongoing basis.

Let’s now move on to another method of trading clicks with other solo ad sellers. The next method we will discuss is thank you page link or click trades.

Thank You Page Link or Click Trades

Trading thank you page links with other solo ad sellers is a great way to build your email lists. The type of thank you page I am referring to is the page that a new email subscriber sees just after opting into an email list.

The thank you page normally thanks the new subscriber for joining and tells them what to expect to receive. It also lets them know how to download the freebie if one was offered for joining the list.

One technique used to trade links on this page is to have a list of free bonus or surprise downloads. The traded links would be placed in this area of the page. The link would go to your squeeze page.

This works well when both of the solo ad sellers are in the same niche and the free downloads are relevant to each other.

You can setup thank you page link trades with several solo ad sellers. Just make sure you have enough traffic coming to your thank you page to make it fair with the solo ad sellers you trade links with.

Now that you know some ways to trade traffic, let’s look at some ways to generate traffic to your squeeze page without trading. Let’s explore blogging a little bit.


Blogging can be one of the best ways to build your solo ad email list. The quality of the traffic can be very high. Blogging is not a quick traffic builder but a long-term method to build high quality of traffic.

When building your blog, add opt-in boxes in the sidebar to your email list. If you are offering a freebie to join your list, make sure you make that the main focus. Also mention the email list in some of your blog posts. Then link to a regular squeeze page on your blog.

You can also write articles for other blogs. This is known as guest posting. Most blogs will allow you to place a link at the end of the article. You have this link go to your squeeze page.

Let’s now look at a method that involves article writing but without the need to setup your own blog. We will be looking at article publishing next.

Article Publishing

If you are good at writing articles, article publishing may be the way to drive traffic to your email squeeze page. The more articles you can write, the better this method works.

Besides publishing articles on other people’s blogs, you can also publish them on many other types of websites. There are also websites dedicated to just publishing articles written by article writers. Just search your favorite search engine for article directories.

Another method is to submit your articles for syndication. If the article is good enough and interesting enough, it could be posted on hundreds of websites.

Most websites that post articles from other writers allow for the addition of an author bio box. This box is at the end of the article and is where you would place a link to your squeeze page. Just let the reader know what you have to offer that is relevant to the article.

If a website does not allow links at all but has a lot of traffic, you can usually mention your site by name. Just give them a good reason to go search for your website name in a search engine.

Can you write short books about a subject your email subscribers would be interested in? Then our next method may interest you. It’s publishing short books on Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle eBooks

Writing short books and selling them on Amazon Kindle is one of the better ways to generate quality traffic to your squeeze page. These books need to solve a problem that many search for.

You price them extremely low as the main use for these books is to build your email list. In fact, you don’t even have to sell any to use them to build your list. I guess I better explain that.

Kindle eBooks have what is known as a look inside feature. You place a call to action near the beginning of the eBook that people see when taking a look inside your eBook.

This call to action can be an offer of bonus material, more detailed information or simply to check and see if they have the most updated copy of the eBook. Of course, this call to action leads them to your squeeze page.

If you make any money actually selling these Kindle eBooks, that’s the icing on the cake.

Just brainstorm what problems people have in your selected niche. Then, create an eBook for each of these problems.

This traffic is well worth your time going after. Let’s move on to the next method you can use to build your solo ads list.

Like to be active in the forums? Then the next method is for you. Let’s now move on and look at forum signatures.

Forum Signatures

If you are an active member of a forum that is in the same niche as the solo ad email list you are building, this method is for you. That is, if the forum allows members to have signatures.

A forum signature is a line of text that is appended to each of your posts at the bottom. This text can be used to describe your free offer and link it to your squeeze page.

Just make sure you never spam the forum with links to your squeeze page. Also, never mention or tell people to click your sig. Most forums will ban you for doing this.

Just be active in the forum and do your best to help other members. As you do this, other members will click your signature if they are interested in what you are offering.

Test several signature lines and see which one brings in the most clicks to your squeeze page.

Want others to build your solo ad email lists for you? Yes? Then you will like this next method. Let’s move on and talk about how you can take advantage of offering affiliates 100% commission on a product you created.

Offer a 100% Commission Affiliate Program

Creating a product in your niche and offering affiliates 100% commission to sell it is my favorite email list building method. It may soon be your favorite too. Let me explain what I mean by offering a 100% commission to affiliates.

You would create an eBook or course in your niche that teaches how to do something. You would offer it for a low price. Usually less than $10. You would then offer it to affiliates to sell. You would offer to pay them the entire price it sells for as their commission.

Sound a little crazy? I’m sure you are thinking, why not offer the affiliates a 50% commission instead? Offering 100% commission will get you a lot more affiliates selling your product.

Also, remember you are trying to build your email list. Each time someone purchases your product, they provide you with their email address. So, you are getting a new subscriber to your email list each time an affiliate sells your product.

It’s a win win situation. The affiliate makes money, and you get new subscribers to your email list. Just think how many new subscribers you could add to your solo ad email list if you had hundreds of affiliates selling your product?

Let’s now take a look at another way you can have other people building your email list.

Offer Free Private Label Rights

Let me start off by explaining what private label rights is. You create an eBook and then let others edit particular aspects of it. The person receiving private label rights to the eBook is usually allowed to claim that they created it. They can edit the eBook to reflect that they are the author.

Some private label rights also allow them to edit and change some links in the eBook but not other links. What they can do with the eBook is spelled out in the license given to them by the person granting private label rights.

Let’s now look at how you can offer private label rights to others while building your solo ad email list.

You can create eBooks in your niche and offer other solo ad sellers or email marketers the right to use the eBook as a freebie to join their email lists.

The eBook you create should contain links to your squeeze page or pages. You could offer similar eBooks or more in-depth eBooks. Or, eBooks on that cover particular topics within the eBook you are offering private label rights too.

You could embed affiliate links within the eBook and allow them to change some but not all of the links to use their affiliate codes.

This way you offer something valuable to other list builders for free while they actually help you to build your email list.

Now, let’s go a little deeper with this and talk about master resale rights.

Offer Free Master Resale Rights

Let’s take the offer free private label rights method one step further. Let’s offer others the right to sell or offer free private label rights to our eBook. Let me start off with explaining what master resale rights is.

Master resale rights is when you allow others to do some editing to an eBook and sell or give the eBook to others with private label rights. Basically, they it is the same as private label rights with the addition of being able to sell or give away the eBook for free for others to use.

This method can get your eBook into a lot more hands. The more master resale rights you give away free, the more people will be giving it out.

You can allow the person receiving master resale rights to change some links in the eBook while not others. This way the eBook always contains one or more links to your squeeze page.

You now have several ways that you can add to your solo ad list building arsenal. Let’s wrap things up now.


Did any of these ways to build your solo ad list interest you? Here is a quick list of the methods we covered. Pick one or a few and start your solo ads list building.

  1. Purchase Solo Ads
  2. Buy Funnel Clicks From Other Solo Ad Sellers
  3. Solo Ad Trades
  4. Click Banking
  5. Thank You Page Link or Click Trades
  6. Blogging
  7. Article Publishing
  8. Amazon Kindle eBooks
  9. Forum Signatures
  10. Offer a 100% Commission Affiliate Program
  11. Offer Free Private Label Rights
  12. Offer Free Master Resale Rights

Here is to your success at building your solo ad lists.

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