The Solo Ad Hybrid Model – A Better Way to Sell Solo Ads?

The solo ad business basically sells clicks through the sending of emails. You can purchase a set number of clicks from various solo ad sellers. These clicks are sent from emails sent to the solo ad sellers email list. They are usually sent to a squeeze page so you can build an email list. Some solo ad sellers will send to a sales page or article, but not many.

The current solo ad business model works like this. A person buys a set number of clicks from the solo ad seller. The solo ad seller then sends an email to his list that contains a link to the buyers squeeze page.

The emails sent are usually generic and are not written specifically for the buyer’s offer. Many times the links in the emails are deceptive just to get the click.

There are many problems with the current solo ad business model. Let’s explore some of these problems the current model causes.

The current solo ad model uses a churn and burn method. The list subscribers are bombarded with tons of emails until they either unsubscribe or report the emails as spam. There is no relationship built with the subscribers. Subscribers are basically abused to make money.

This causes a high list turnover rate. So, the solo ad seller has to constantly get new subscribers on his list to replace the opt-outs.

The spam complaint rates are extremely high with solo ads using the current churn and burn model. This causes many problems for the solo ad seller.

Autoresponder companies are canceling accounts of many solo ad sellers because of the way they abuse their lists. This causes the solo ad seller to have to jump from one autoresponder company to another. This alone has caused many solo ad sellers to go out of business or start to send fake traffic to eliminate the spam complaint rate.

When spam complaints start to rise, the major ISPs start blocking emails sent by solo ad sellers. This causes even more abuse to the subscribers, since they have to send even more emails to get the clicks they need to fulfill orders.

PayPal has also taken note of the current solo ad business. Solo ad buyers are opening large numbers of complaints against solo ad sellers. The complaints range from non-delivered clicks to fraudulent clicks.

Because of this, PayPal does not like the current business model the solo ad industry is using and has been closing accounts that sell solo ads.

The current solo ad business model looks very bleak and is not sustainable for the long term. The solo ad business is basically killing itself.

I know a lot of people hate change and hate what I am about to say. It’s time for the solo ad seller to adapt or die.

A more sustainable long term solo ad business model is needed. Something that will still allow the sale of solo ads, but does not have all the problems the current model has created.

Let’s explore a possible new solo ad business model that just may be the solution.

Let’s call this new solo ad business model the solo ad hybrid model. Many will not follow this method because they will actually have to do a little more work and not abuse their email lists.

The main key to the new hybrid solo ad model is to actually provide quality content your list is interested in. This is done while still selling solo ads. Are you confused yet? Let’s look at the finer details of the hybrid solo ad business model.

It all starts with a daily email newsletter. The daily newsletter can contain content, solo ad links, items that engage your readers and more.

Don’t worry, filling the daily newsletter with quality content is not difficult and will not take you very much time.

You don’t have to write the content you include in each newsletter yourself. You can curate content from other sources. In fact, you could curate all the content if you desired. Remember, your main source of income is from selling solo ads inside the newsletters. I’ll cover how to actually send solo ad clicks from your email newsletters shortly.

Can you write short tips? Include them as content in the daily newsletter.

After you have written many newsletters, you can start reusing sections of each one. Just combine content from various previous newsletters.

One important factor with this new model is to use a standardized newsletter format and layout. This way your subscribers will easily recognize it and remember that they did in fact subscribe to it. This helps to reduce the accidental spam complaints.

Now for the big question. How do you send solo ad clicks from an email newsletter?

Let’s now explore many ways that you can send solo ad clicks using the new solo ad business model and newsletter format.

Each of these methods will contain links that send the clicks purchased from you to your buyers.

Add a section to your newsletter that contains special offers for your subscribers.

Add a section to your newsletters that list freebies that are only available to your readers.

At the end of each newsletter you could add links to daily free bonuses.

How about occasionally adding in a surprise bonus link somewhere in your newsletter?

You can even use one of your content sections and curate the squeeze or landing page. They then click the continue reading link and off they go.

Want to think outside the box a little? Write an article that contains links that you sell clicks from. Post this article on your blog and then curate it in one of your email newsletters.

Let’s now continue forward and look at what happens when you change to this new solo ad hybrid model.

There are many benefits to using this new solo ad hybrid newsletter format. Here are just some of them.

Since your subscribers actually look forward to receiving your newsletter, you no longer need to follow the churn and burn method. You don’t have to constantly worry about getting new subscribers.

Since your subscribers are actually reading what you send them, the quality of your list goes way up.

You will find that more people actually open your emails than when using the old churn and burn method. So, more eyes will actually see your content and solo ad links.

Since you have established a relationship with your readers and built up trust, you will find that they are more willing to actually click links you send them.

Subscribers no longer feel abused and your spam complaint numbers will drop substantially. Also, since your subscribers recognize your newsletter format they are less likely to accidentally report them as spam.

Since your subscribers are watching for your newsletters they are more likely to white list your email so they go to their inbox instead of the spam folder. Since your spam complaint level is also lower, there is less chance of being blocked by ISPs.

With the large reduction in spam complaints, a side benefit is that your autoresponder account will be less likely to be canceled. The fact that you are no longer abusing your subscribers helps a lot with this too.

Since you no longer are using the churn and burn solo ad model, your PayPal account will also be safer.

Another benefit of the solo ad hybrid model is that you can combine solo ad sales and affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have a sold solo ad to fill, you can still make money by sending out your newsletter. Just make sure you add an affiliate link to a product that could benefit your subscribers.

The final and best benefit of the solo ad hybrid model is that your income will increase. You no longer have to rely just on selling solo ads.

We have taken a look at the old solo ad business model. We have explored the new solo ad hybrid model and all its benefits. The new model does take a little more work, but is a much more sustainable business model for the long run.

Now ask yourself this question; is it time to switch to the new solo ad hybrid model and reap all of its benefits?

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