The Top 17 Ways to Make Money With Solo Ads

There are a lot of ways to make money with solo ads. In this article I’ll be discussing the top 17 ways to make money with solo ads. I’ll start by listing the 17 methods and then go into detail on each one.

Here are the top 17 ways to make money with solo ads.

  1. Sell Solo Ads
  2. Broker Solo Ad Clicks
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Sell an eBook
  5. Sell an Online Course
  6. Sell Funnel Clicks
  7. Sell Thank You Page Clicks
  8. Sell Thank You Page Links
  9. Send Clicks to PPC Programs
  10. Send Clicks to PPL or PPA Offers
  11. Promote Affiliate Programs
  12. Use Retargeting Ads
  13. Sell Squeeze Page Exit Traffic
  14. Sell Download Page Clicks
  15. Sell Download Page Links
  16. Send Traffic to Your Blog
  17. Trade Traffic

Let’s now move on and go into detail about each of the 17 ways to make money with solo ads.

Sell Solo Ads

Selling solo ads should be an obvious option. You could build email lists while buying solo ads. Once your list is large enough to be able to send at least 50 clicks, you could start selling solo ads to others.

This option can make a lot of money but is also a lot of work. You need to constantly replenish your email lists as people unsubscribe.

This option would only be possible if you are in a niche that solo ads are available. The most popular niches include home business, making money online, fitness, weight loss, dating and Forex.

If you don’t have a big enough email list to sell solo ads directly, you can broker clicks. Let’s look at brokering solo ads next.

Broker Solo Ad Clicks

You can make a lot of money selling solo ads for other solo ad sellers. This is called solo ad brokering.

If you do have a small solo ad list, you could combine clicks from your list with that of other solo ad sellers. This way you can fill larger click orders than you could with just your solo ad email list.

You do need to be careful being a solo ad broker. You need to make sure you only buy quality clicks from solo ad sellers to sell. One bad purchase of low-quality traffic or fraudulent traffic can ruin your solo ad broker business.

If you don’t have good click tracking in place and know how to spot fraudulent traffic fast, I would stay away from brokering solo ad clicks. Use one of the other top ways to make money with solo ads I cover in this article instead.

Let’s move on to a good old fashioned way you can make money with solo ads next. We are going to take a quick look at good old email marketing.

Email Marketing

A lot of people don’t realize that you can purchase solo ad traffic to do long term email marketing. I’m talking about the email marketing where you actually help your email subscribers and give them lots of actionable content they enjoy.

With a good quality email autoresponder series, you can get your new subscribers moved from the give me free things mentality of the solo ad subscriber to someone that will spend money.

This is done by getting your subscribers to know, like and trust you. You help them solve the problem they have that caused them to sign up to your email list.

Solo ads pretty much just blast their subscribers with free things. You need to really help them with their problems. Once you accomplish that, they will buy things you recommend to them. Just make sure what you recommend is of high quality and does what it claims.

Let’s now focus down a little. Let’s look at what you can market to an email list. We will start off with eBooks.

Sell an eBook

Ebooks are great to sell using solo ad traffic. They can be created to solve a single problem or teach how to do something. They are easily downloaded and allow the buyer instant access to their purchase.

You can sell lower priced eBooks directly from a sales page. Higher priced eBooks tend to sell better using an autoresponder sequence.

One method I like to use is to give the new email list subscriber a basic version of the eBook for free when they sign up to my email list. I then upsell a much more detailed eBook inside the pages of the free eBook.

One method that works very well is to divide a larger eBook up into volumes. Then, give the first volume away as a freebie to sign up to your email list. The end of the first volume points them to where they can purchase volume 2. The end of volume 2 points them to where they can purchase volume 3. This cycle repeats for the length of the eBook series.

Let’s now take the eBook idea one step further. Let’s explore selling online courses using solo ad traffic next.

Sell an Online Course

Online courses can work extremely well with solo ad traffic. Like eBooks, online courses can be accessed immediately after someone joins. You can place the course behind a password protected area or deliver it in lessons by email over time.

I usually don’t recommend attempting to sell the course from a sales page. I recommend writing an eBook that explains the course and giving it away free. The eBook could even have the first lesson in it.

Let the eBook and a carefully planned autoresponder series sell the course for you. You could mention each lesson and some details about it in each email you send.

Courses can be priced from free to extremely high priced depending on the content. I like a monthly fee that is below $20 a month.

Did you notice I said free course? You add affiliate links throughout the course to make your money. Free courses are great for teaching someone how to build a website to make money with. You can sell hosting, website themes, scripts etc.

Let’s now move on to something that can make you money from solo ads without the need to create eBooks and courses. Let’s take a look at selling funnel clicks next.

Sell Funnel Clicks

A popular method to make money with solo ads is to sell funnel clicks. This is a great method for getting more benefit from clicks coming into your funnel from purchased solo ads.

Popular places within your opt-in or sales funnel include the following pages.

  • Thank you for subscribing
  • Squeeze page exits
  • Thank you for your purchase
  • Forced exit by country
  • Funnel exit popups

I’ll cover thank you page clicks later in this article since they are the most prominent funnel clicks to sell. Let me explain the other places now.

Squeeze page exits – When a click comes into your squeeze page and goes to leave the page without opting in, you can use code on your page to redirect them to a paid URL.

Forced exit by country – If you don’t accept traffic on your email list from some countries, you can sell these clicks that come to your page from those countries. You would set this up in your click tracker to send specific country traffic to a paid URL.

Funnel exit popups – With popup blockers becoming more popular this method to send funnel clicks is becoming less and less popular. It’s still worth mentioning though. If a visitor comes to a page in your funnel and goes to exit the page, you can use code to open a popup. This popup can contain links to a special offer or something similar that may interest the visitor. Clicking the button on the popup would send them to a paid URL.

Let’s now take a close look at selling thank you page funnel clicks.

Sell Thank You Page Clicks

If you use a thank you page, you need to be selling clicks from it. This is a good money maker. You can sell clicks from any type of thank you page. The most popular types are the thank you for subscribing and thank you for purchasing pages.

You can add a section or sections to your thank you page where you can place links to send clicks to people buying the clicks. Here are some examples.

A section named “Free Surprise Bonuses!” Then add text links or small banners advertising different free bonuses they can get. These links will send clicks to people you are selling clicks too.

You can also just add a section named “Additional Items of Interest.” Again, place text links or banners in this section that send clicks to your click buyers.

These types of links can be normal links or blind links. Blind links would be generic links that could be sent to just about any click buyer.

Another type of click you can sell is the forced click. You add a timer to your thank you page that auto redirects a person to a different URL after so many seconds. This type of click is not as valuable as the other types. But you can still sell these clicks at a lower price.

Now let’s look at just selling links and not selling by the click.

Sell Thank You Page Links

Another option you have is to just sell links on your thank you page or pages. Basically, what you would be doing is selling ad space on these pages. This is a good option if you don’t want to be bothered tracking the clicks you send out from the thank you page.

You can setup your thank you page with the information you need to give to your new subscriber or purchaser at the top. Then you can add areas below that and in the sidebar if you use one to sell text links and banner links.

This technique works well with link buyers that have products or services that are complimentary to your offer. Just don’t oversell these paid links. You still need to send them enough clicks to make it worth their purchase.

Don’t want to deal with selling links? Let’s look at sending these clicks to a PPC program instead.

Send Clicks to PPC Programs

PPC stands for pay per click. PPC is an advertising method where advertisers display ads on your website. You are paid for each click on an ad. There are many companies that manage ad buyers and website publishers. They serve the ads and control what ads are displayed on your website.

PPC can be very lucrative as pay per click fees can range from just a few cents per click to over one hundred dollars per click.

Most PPC companies do require that you have an established website that gets a moderate amount of traffic to be approved.

The most well know PPC company is Google Adwords.

You can add code to your website pages to display ads from various PPC companies. Take a look at several PPC companies and see what they offer before making a choice of who to go with.

You would then purchase solo ads to send traffic to your website or a specific page. It would still be best to send the solo ad clicks to a squeeze page. Then send the subscribers to pages on your website through your email autoresponder series.

Another way of displaying ads on your website pages is called PPL or PPA. Will look at these next.

Send Clicks to PPL or PPA Offers

PPL is pay per lead. PPA is pay per action. A lot of money is made with PPL and PPA. There are many companies that offer PPL and PPA offers. This type of advertising usually requires that you and your advertising method is approved, and you are accepted as a publisher.

These types of advertising usually require the person you send through a link to fill out some type of form or enter an email address. You get paid each time someone you refer takes a specific action.

There is a lot of publisher fraud in the PPL and PPA arena. This is why they have stringent approval procedures for new publishers. If you can get approved, you can make a lot of money if you send them quality traffic.

You would use solo ads to build your email list and then through your email autoresponder advertise PPL and PPA offers to the subscribers.

Is your email list very targeted? A better way to make money with your solo ad traffic is to promote affiliate programs. We will look at them next.

Promote Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program promotion is another way to make money with solo ads. In fact, this is the main technique most solo ad buyers use to make money.

An affiliate program offers commissions on sales you make for them. They provide you with a tracking link that tracks the clicks you send to them and the sales those clicks produce. Many affiliate programs pay as much as 50% to 100% of the sales price as a commission.

You can start by building your email list using solo ads. Then promote different affiliate programs to them using your email autoresponder sequence. The best way is to use a content driven soft sell approach. Give them loads of actionable content and the occasional product recommendations.

Another way to use affiliate programs is to include them on your thank you for subscribing page. You can recommend them as additional products that may interest them. If the affiliate program is having a big sale, the thank you page is a great place to mention that.

Let’s now move on to a way to make money with solo ads that is a little advanced. We will be looking at retargeting ads.

Use Retargeting Ads

I’m sure you have seen retargeting ads and may have not been aware of what they were called.

Have you been on a website looking at something and later started seeing ads all over the place for what you were looking at? The ads you saw are most likely retargeting ads.

Here is how they work. You place some code on your website or a specific page. This code is supplied by the retargeting ads agency. When someone visits your site or page with the code, they are recorded. When they later visit sites that display retargeting ads from the agency you used, your ads start showing to them.

Retargeting ads are a great way to keep the prospect thinking about you. They say an average purchaser has to see an offer multiple times before they buy. Retargeting ads do this extremely well.

You would add the retargeting code to your squeeze page or landing page and then start sending solo ad traffic to that page. Later, when they start surfing the web, they see your ads all over the place. A percentage of them will most likely come back to the squeeze page through clicking one of your ads.

This gives you a better chance at converting more solo ad visitors into subscribers.

Let’s now go back and explore more options to sell solo ad traffic. Let’s start by looking at selling squeeze page exit traffic.

Sell Squeeze Page Exit Traffic

We touched on funnel exit traffic earlier. Let’s go a little specialized and go over selling squeeze page exit traffic in a little more detail.

When someone clicks a link in a solo ad and comes to your squeeze page but goes to leave without signing up is a wasted click. Let’s make some money with this click that is pretty much worthless to us.

You won’t get much for these clicks, but anything is better than nothing when it comes to money.

Add either forced exit redirection or an exit popup to your squeeze page. Then sell these clicks to other solo ad sellers. Another option would be to send them on to a PPL or PPA program. I would not send them to a PPC program as that could get your PPC account banned.

Let’s now look at some download page options to make a little extra income. We will look at selling download page clicks next. Then we will take a look at selling download page links.

Sell Download Page Clicks

If you have a download page in your sales funnel, you can sell clicks from that page. These types of clicks are usually good quality. If the download page is for a paid product, you can sell clicks at a premium from this page.

Just have a section on the download page that shows additional recommendations of free bonuses. When you sell clicks from this page, just add the text link or banner link to this section.

Another way you can benefit from a download page is by just selling link or ad spots on them. Let’s look at selling download page links next.

Sell Download Page Links

This is basically the same as selling clicks from a download page. Instead, you charge a set fee for someone to advertise on the download page.

Let’s look at the next way to make money with solo ads traffic. It’s the good old blog.

Send Traffic to Your Blog

Have a blog in the same niche as your solo ad traffic? Why not just send it to your blog? You can send out emails each time you add a new post with a link to the post.

This is a great option to use when you want to increase your blog’s readership.

Let’s look at one final method to make money with solo ads. We are going to look at traffic trading.

Trade Traffic

This way to make money with solo ads can be combined with most of the other methods I have discussed in this article. Trading traffic can turn a single click into 2, 3 or more clicks. This is a great way to increase your traffic to a squeeze page and build your email list larger.

You can always find other solo ad sellers in the different Facebook groups that are interested in doing traffic trades.

Just pick one of the other methods I mentioned and send the clicks to a traffic trade partner. Have them send you clicks to your normal squeeze page. You can even combine some of the other methods to send out even more clicks to your traffic trade partners.

The more clicks you can send out, the more clicks you receive.


I hope you enjoyed the different ways to make money with solo ads. Try them out and see what works best for you. Here is a recap of the 17 ways to make money with solo ads.

  1. Sell Solo Ads
  2. Broker Solo Ad Clicks
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Sell an eBook
  5. Sell an Online Course
  6. Sell Funnel Clicks
  7. Sell Thank You Page Clicks
  8. Sell Thank You Page Links
  9. Send Clicks to PPC Programs
  10. Send Clicks to PPL or PPA Offers
  11. Promote Affiliate Programs
  12. Use Retargeting Ads
  13. Sell Squeeze Page Exit Traffic
  14. Sell Download Page Clicks
  15. Sell Download Page Links
  16. Send Traffic to Your Blog
  17. Trade Traffic

Here is to your success with making more money with solo ads.

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