Traffic (Sales) Funnel Flow Options

Funnel Flow Options

The different pages in your sales funnel can have different traffic flow options that can increase the value of each click substantially.

You need to select the traffic flow options that will give you the best benefit for your specific sales funnel needs.

What I would like to discuss is several options you can use for different pages in your sales funnel.

Let’s start off by looking at the traffic flow options for your squeeze page.

The most common practice is to send the person to your thank you page after they opt-in to your list. Most of the time this is exactly what you will want to do.

Sometimes you will want to send your opt-in traffic to another place besides your thank you page.

Let’s look at where you could optionally send them.

If you have a suitable one time offer available, you can send the person on to your OTO page after they opt-in. You can add a no thanks link to the bottom of the OTO page that then sends them to your regular thank you page.

If you use an OTO, just make sure it compliments or adds value to the bribe (freebie) you gave them to opt-in to your list.

You could also send the person to an affiliate offer. This method works great if the affiliate offer has a introductory type video. You could use that video as your bribe. Then once they opt-in, send them on to see the video through your affiliate link.

If you use this method I would recommend that your welcome email have a link to a free surprise bonus that sends them to your download page.

If you need to send clicks fast to a click banking partner you could send your opt-in traffic directly to your click banking partner. Just make sure they know how you are sending the traffic and that they are OK with it.

You may want to use an intermediate page that tells the person to check their email for the download link of the freebie your squeeze page promised. Have this page meta refresh to your click banking partner after 3 or 4 seconds. Again, check with your click banking partner to see if they are OK with this method.

You could also use the above method to send clicks directly to a buyer. Since some buyers would consider this as exit traffic, make sure you get them to OK it first.

If you are buying traffic to your squeeze page. A good method you can use to recoup some, if not all of your cost is to send the opt-in and exit page traffic to a PPL program.

You can send them directly or through a meta refresh page that tells them that an email is being sent with their freebie download link.

You can use the above method to send traffic to a CPA program also.

Exit redirects work great for getting that last little bit out of a click. You can send them to a different squeeze page, a ppl program, a cpa offer or an affiliate product.

Personally I like to send them to a different one of my squeeze pages. I end up with a few more subscribers each day doing that.

What ever you do, don’t send exit traffic to a click banking partner or click buyer unless they know they are getting exit traffic.

Normally your thank you page alerts the subscriber that an email has been sent containing a link to download their freebie.

Let’s look at the options you can use on your thank you page for getting the most out of each click.

You can add links to your click banking partners squeeze pages. You can use a simple bonus type link or “you may also be interested in” type link. Or you could use ebook covers that link to your click banking partners offers.

You can do the same with links to peoples offers that have purchased traffic from you.

If you don’t have any click sales to fill, why not add a few links to PPL programs?

The thank you page is also a great place to upsell a companion or complimentary product.

You can even link to a one time offer on the thank you page.

Links to CPA offers also do very well on a thank you page.

You could also do straight link trades with other marketers and place these links on your thank you page.

You can also use an exit redirect on your thank you page. Just place a message on your thank you page that let’s them know that the link to their free download has been sent, and while they are waiting, to check this out.

Then have the thank you page meta refresh in 2 or 3 seconds to a PPL or CPA program.

Some people just include the download link for the freebie in the welcome email that is sent when someone opts in to their list.

I would highly recommend using a download page instead. This gives you more real-estate to add additional links that can benefit you and get more bang out of each opt-in.

So let’s look at what options work well on a download page.

Click banking links work well on the download page. Just add a section called bonuses with a few links to your current click banking partners.

If someone is buying clicks from you and their offer could be considered complimentary to your freebie, this would be a great page to add a text link or an ebook graphic link.

Never leave your download page with just the download link to your freebie. Always add some types of links that will benefit you.

At a minimum, add a link or two to PPL programs or CPA offers.

The download page is another great location to offer an upsell to an additional product. You could also link to a one time offer from this page.

If you know other marketers that have similar or complementary products, why not trade download page links with them?

If you use a one time offer page in your sales funnel, you have a few options that can benefit you.

If your one time offer page comes right after your squeeze page, then place a no thanks link that links to your thank you page. This way they continue through your sales funnel.

If the one time offer page is the last page in your sales funnel, you can add an exit redirect to this page.

Send the exit traffic to a PPL program or a CPA offer.

I hope this information about traffic (sales) funnel flow options has given you ideas that you can use to increase your income. The above options are only a starting point. Start really thinking about how you can increase the value of each click. Then workout the best way to direct your traffic through your funnel and out to links that can make you even more money.

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