What Is Solo Ads Traffic?

You have heard the term solo ad traffic being mentioned on the forums, Facebook groups and in some emails you have received. You heard from some people that it is great, and you can make a lot of money with it. You have also heard from some people that it’s nothing but crap and a big waste of your time and money.

Is your head spinning from all the confusion? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people have heard about solo ads traffic but really don’t fully understand what it is.

Let’s answer the following question so it is easy to understand. That question being: What is solo ads traffic?

Solo ads traffic is traffic sent to a landing page or squeeze page from emails sent to subscribers of an email list. Traffic is sent through links in generic emails that usually offer the reader something for free if they click the link. You purchase a specific number of clicks.

Now that you know basically what solo ads traffic is, let’s take a look in detail exactly what solo ads traffic is by exploring how it is created and delivered from the solo ad seller to the solo ad buyer.

If you are still confused about what solo ads traffic is, this should help you to understand exactly what it is.

What Is Solo Ad Traffic?

I believe the best way to explain what solo ad traffic is, will be to walk you through the process from beginning to end. I’ll start with how the solo ad seller obtains the traffic and then move on to how that traffic is delivered to the buyer.

This should give you a solid understanding of what solo ads traffic is. It will also help you to decide if buying solo ad traffic is something you want to pursue.

Let’s start with how solo ad traffic is obtained by the seller for the purpose of selling solo ads.

It all starts with someone wanting to get into the solo ad business. One of the first things they do is to select the niche they want to sell solo ads traffic in. If they are really enthusiastic, they may even choose multiple niches to sell solo ads in.

When the future solo ad seller starts investigating the niche or niches, they would like to work within, they most likely will look into the following niches.

  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Make Money Online
  • Work from Home
  • Law of Attraction
  • Business Opportunities

Once they select their niche or niches, they move on to actually getting traffic to sell.

At this point, the new solo ad seller will start building an email list or email lists if he decided to pursue multiple niches. How he builds his email lists will determine the quality of solo ads traffic he can sell.

How he treats the subscribers on his email lists will also help to determine the quality of the traffic he can send. If he treats them well, the quality is usually better. If he abuses them and treats them badly, the quality of the traffic will go down the drain.

Here are several ways the new solo ad seller could build his email list that he will be selling traffic from.

  1. Sending traffic from blog articles to an email squeeze page. If you are not familiar with the term “squeeze page,” it’s a website page designed to get someone to sign up to an email list. It usually offers some type of freebie to coax the person to enter his email address to receive the freebie. At the same time, he is added to the solo ads sellers email list. A good solo ad seller will let the person know on the squeeze page that he will also be receiving emails from time to time.
  2. A solo ad seller could also buy email lists from email list brokers. These are usually lists of people who have responded to some type of offer.
  3. Many times, solo ad sellers buy traffic from other solo ad sellers. They sometimes trade traffic with each other. This usually lowers the quality of the traffic they can send.
  4. Another technique solo ad sellers use is to trade thank you page traffic. This type of traffic is sent from a link on a page the subscriber sees just after they join an email list. These links usually offer additional freebies similar or complimentary to the freebie they just received from joining the email list that sent them.
  5. Some solo ad sellers are scam artists. They don’t build a list at all. They just send fake bot traffic to unsuspecting buyers. Some of these bad seed sellers mix in some forced paid to click type of traffic to help cover up their scam.

These email lists are built with an intention to sell solo ads.

The solo ad seller installs software on his server to manage the traffic he will be sending to buyers. The types of software he installs are known as a click tracker and click rotator.

The click tracker collects statistics about the traffic they send to a buyer. They can then provide these statistics to the buyer when all the traffic has been sent.

The click rotator monitors how much traffic has been sent to a buyer. Once the buyers traffic order has been filled the click rotator starts sending traffic to the next buyer on the list. I’ll explain how this can be accomplished next.

Solo ad sellers usually don’t send out an email to their email list for each buyer. They write generic emails that they know their list subscribers will respond to well.

These emails contain links to send traffic to the solo ad buyers. These links are click trackers that go to a click rotator that contains the links to each buyer’s destination URL.

These generic emails contain generic email copy letting the subscribers know that they can get something free they will be interested in by clicking on a link. The subscriber then lands on a buyer’s landing page or squeeze page.

Once the new solo ad seller has built his email list and installed click tracking software, he is ready to hang out his shingle and start advertising to prospective buyers.

You can find solo ad sellers on different business forums. You can also find them on Facebook groups setup to advertise solo ads for sale.

Solo ad sellers sell what they call click packages. A click is when an email subscriber clicks a link in an email sent to him and he is sent to the buyers landing page or squeeze page.

These click packages are sold in set numbers. For example, 50 clicks, 100 clicks, 500 clicks, 1000 clicks, etc.

These clicks can be delivered extremely fast or over a long period of time. It depends on how large an email list the solo ad seller has. It also depends on the quality of his list.

Once the clicks have been sent, a link is usually sent to the statistics about the clicks sent.

Let me give you a little warning here. Don’t trust these statistics completely that the solo ad seller provides to you. Always use a click tracker you have installed on your server to compare your stats with the sellers. Always have the solo ad seller send clicks to a click tracker link you have set up. Never send the traffic directly to your landing page or squeeze page. You need these statistics to help spot problem traffic and fraud traffic.

As time goes on, the email list of the solo ad seller will degrade. Subscribers will leave the list, and many will stop responding to offers being sent to them.

The solo ad seller must continually replenish his email lists with new subscribers. If he does not, he won’t be in the solo ad business very long.

The cycle of selling traffic and replenishing his email list goes on and on as long as the solo ad seller stays in the solo ad business.

I hope that you now have an understanding of what solo ads traffic is. In a nutshell it’s just traffic that is sent from email lists through emails that offer something the subscribers may be interested in.

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